Our Pledge to Sustainability


According to Wikipedia sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced environment, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

We have partnered with event sustainability expert Danielle Ward founder of Reward Events who is ensuring we make this years Venues & Events Expo Southeast event as sustainable as possible, including the following: -


  • No single use plastic– We are working hard to meet the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) pledge which aims to reduce the reliance on single use plastic by 20 percent each year, for the next five years, in a bid to eliminate single-use plastics by 2025.  As such, we will have a zero single use plastic policy at the event including no plastic straws, bottled water, cutlery, gift bags or packaging.

  • Water re-fill stations – We will be providing all of our visitors & exhibitors with refillable water bottles & placing water stations throughout the exhibition hall.

  • Sustainable show programmes– Print partners Buckland media are providing us with show programmes which are printed on sustainable paper using vegetable-based inks. These can be fully recycled at the end of the event.

  • Paper free registration- We have teamed up with event tech company Eventscase who will be providing us with an electronic check in via their app, reducing the need for paper registration lists.

  • Name Badges– We are offering all attendees the opportunity to opt out of having a printed name badge, but if a name badge is requested then those name badges will be printed on FSC certified paper (paper sourced in a responsible & sustainable way) & collected at the end of the day to be fully recycled

  • Catering – The Hampshire Court Hotel will be providing fresh, seasonal food throughout the day – dishes purposefully chosen to sustain and boost mental awareness, leaving you alert and focused throughout the event.  Most food is sourced from local suppliers.  Catering numbers will be managed closely to avoid over-catering, and any left over food will be re-distributed, re-purposed or composted, reducing any waste to landfill.

  • Responsible Production – Any branded materials or fabrics used at the show will be either re-purposed for future events or recycled.

  • No excess electricity usage– The event is being held in one central room, reducing the need to power and heat multiple spaces within the venue keeping energy consumption to a minimum

  • Accessibility to Venue – The Hampshire Court Hotel has great transport links, is only 45 minutes from London by train and 2.5 miles from Basingstoke train station, avoiding the need to drive to the event.  For those travelling with electric cars, there are 4 charging points in the car park.  Free car parking is available and we encourage those travelling by car to car share to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

Remember sustainability isn’t just about reducing the negative environmental impacts but driving social positive change and wellbeing and we are achieving that in the following ways;


  • Free WiFi – We know you will want to check in on emails and hopefully also post on social media about the event so high speed wifi is available throughout the event.

  • Focus on Wellbeing – Event management is in the top five most stressful jobs so we are keeping wellbeing front and centre of our event again this year, with wellbeing workshops and also a chill out zone at the event.  

  • Supporting Gender Equality & Education – we have a number of workshops and sessions running throughout the day to cover hot topics from event technology to sustainability and wellbeing, and all will ensure at least at 50% presence of female speakers.  

  • Sustainable Partnerships – no event is possible without the support of a network of people and businesses.  We have chosen suppliers who support our sustainable aims and goals to reduce our negative and increase our positive impacts!

We are working with all our exhibitors, suppliers & sponsors to ensure we are all working together to make the event as sustainable as possible and as such will be rewarding the most sustainable exhibitor with a prize. 

If you would like to know more, or have any questions regarding the sustainability credentials of the event, please do contact Amanda Flanders on amanda@evexio.co.uk or Danielle Ward on danielle@rewardevents.co.uk.

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